Infant Massage Dolls


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Hand made infant massage dolls crafted by a circle of women

Infant massage dolls made by a diverse group of women in rural India in a small, homely environment. The workplace aims to be multi-cultural and integrative, and provides meaningful, flexible work opportunities in support of specific women’s needs. They are making high quality infant massage dolls, filled with local sheep’s wool and materials from within India. They aim to be zero waste as all leftover materials are used for filling their smaller products. An infant massage doll full of warmth and respect for both people and planet.

Each doll is unique, being crafted by hand using local materials and comes with a cloth bag

Specifically designed for IAIM infant massage instructors

Available in the following options (please select from the drop down menu): Caucasian blonde hair, Caucasian brown hair, Caucasian mid brown hair, Afro Caribbean

Care instructions: Sponge clean only with very mild vegetable based soap and place in the sun to remove marks or stains. Not to be submerged in water or tumble dry. Free repair service available for 10 years after purchase.

Due to the nature of the manufacture and the natural materials being used the dolls do have an initial aroma of the wool used for the filling. We recommend airing the doll when you receive it and the aroma will fade over time.